Public parks play a very important role in our society.  In some cases it could even improve the well-being of our human population.  Indeed, everything has its price and often one thinks to save money by not buying flower bulbs.  That is wrong!
It is certainly the bulbs, next to the trees, shrubs and plants, with their beautiful colours, wonderful fragrance and early flowering, that give the perfect additional value to the park.  After a long autumn and winter period it is those that will bring joy in life.  Snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils are the ones that announce the spring.
It will be a great pleasure to deliver them to you, on time, in an authentic variety and with all the advice you need!   Why do we mention ‘authentic’?  Unfortunately it happens quit often that the flowering result in the spring does not correspond to what is expected in the autumn.  We guarantee you only exclusively fine quality bulbs in the requested varieties.
For over 50 years, Theo de Boer BV is active in the flower bulb business for municipalities and landscapers, a group of customers that is (very) critical towards the products they desire.  Our goal is to deliver you on time (usually October, November) in a wide range and the best quality.  A challenge we have already for many years.  Service offered to you as our customer: our passion!

Mengsel Parma in volle glorie!
De geweldige tulp Blushing Apeldoorn samen met narcissen Acropolis.
33420  53045  
Prachtige border met zee van bloemen van de tulp Antoinette.
Een van de best verkochte mengsels ’Florence’: Niets dat beter het voorjaar kan aankondigen!
Bloembollen geven kleur aan parken!
Ook laatbloeiende tulpen zijn zeer mooi; ze geven bovendien wat hoogte in een border!
Stel je deze foto eens zonder de kleuren van de tulpen voor...
Ook in bloembakken komen tulpen-mengsels goed tot hun recht.
Harmonieuze mengsels houden de borders spannend en verrassend!
24410  21880    
De hele mooie tulp Pacific Pearl hier samen met narcis Delnashaugh.
40720  53120  
Rotonde met ons mengsel ’Champagne’.
Prachtig verwilderingsnarcisje ’Kokopelli’.
Ons Prairie-mengsel; jarenlang bloeiplezier!
Geur en kleur...
07390  57240  
Les tulipes tardives sont très jolies ; en plus ils donent de la hauteur...