Theo de Boer BV is a wholesale company. We deliver flower bulbs to various segments such as garden centres, specialised nurseries, mail order companies, retail and professional end-users (including gardeners, municipalities and institutions). We choose not to deliver directly to the customer, because our organisation does not want to take away the job from our loyal clients.

Our bulbs are widely available. You will recognize our brands on the packages. “De Boer Superieur” in the garden centers and “Jardinissimo” in the non-specialized stores (supermarkets and do-it-yourself shops). In the South of Holland and Belgium you will find our bulbs under the name “Aveve” in the specialized Aveve-shops and in France under the “Villa Verde” or “Baobab” private label.

Looking for specific kind of bulbs or do you need professional advice, please do send us a message via our contact page and we will be happy to help you. In order to improve our products and services we do appreciate your comment(s).

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